AdvancedMD Software Review

AdvancedMD is a very popular practice and health records management software for doctors who are involved in independent practice. If you are a doctor who runs a small independent practice, or a clinic in partnership with several doctors, you stand to benefit the most from this kind of software. AdvancedMD is specifically aimed at smaller practices and not larger hospitals. This software is aimed at doctors looking to migrate their patient and practice management system to the cloud. If you want a 100% web-based system that is easy to acquire and manage, then AdvancedMD is one of the top names in the business.

The Company Profile
AdvancedMD is a Software As A Service (SAAS) company based in South Jordan, Utah, USA. Established in 1999, the primary focus of the company through all these years has been on the automation of medical practice management, with a special emphasis on individual physicians and smaller practices. And after nearly two decades in this field, AdvancedMD is recognized as the industry leader in the field of EHR and PM software for ambulatory services, diagnostic centers, and non-hospital owned private practices.

The company has some impressive numbers to back their claims. They are a global company with 600 employees, and thousands of clients in the US as well as overseas. In the US, it is one of the largest providers of cloud-based health records and practice management software for small and medium-sized private medical practices. The company serves over 22,000 US physicians in over 8000 private practices spread all over the country. Along with that, they also boast of over 600 medical billing firms as their clients.

AdvancedMD Software: An Overview
This is a complete cloud-based software solution for private medical practices, clinics, and other similar sizes entities that offer healthcare related services to their clients. It is one of the few automation software in the healthcare sector with a focus on smaller practices and their patients. AdvancedMD product is delivered as a software service, which can be accessed through the internet. It is an integrated web-based service, with different software suites to handle all the major management tasks a medical practice has to deal with. The software includes both comprehensive medical billing software, health records management, and patient management software.

Typical Clients of AdvancedMD
Whether you are a single physician practice, or a private clinic with one branch and several doctors, or multiple branches spread across cities and states, AdvancedMD is designed to automate your basic data, billing, and patient management systems. Many of this software’s clients are also in Ambulatory service providers, medical billing services, Emergency care services, Urgent care centers, and imaging and diagnostic centers. This software service is ideal for all kinds of specialized medical practices, like Cancer/Oncology, Dentistry, Mental Health, Pediatrics, and orthopedics. If you are looking to upgrade your medical practice from paper-based management to the digital cloud, AdvancedMD is a potential choice for your clinic/practice.

A Web-Based Client Software
This is an entirely cloud-based software service system. It runs on a subscription model, which is common in the SAAS concept of doing business. You don’t pay upfront to buy a software as a product, like the way it was in the old days. AdvancedMD is a software that you can simply install and run from your PC browser.

So there is no requirement for extra investments in computer hardware or anything of that sort. Nor does it require any specialized IT staffing, which is often out of the reach of most smaller practices. The focus is on accessibility and ease of use. All that is required is a PC with working internet connection to access the AdvancedMD servers.

This kind of service offers exceptionally speedy deployment. While other models might involve lengthy upgrades and installation procedures with different delays involved, AdvancedMD requires only a fast internet connection and Internet Explorer browser to download itself and run. Thanks to the streamlined browser-based software design, it can run on almost any basic PC available these days. You will need the latest version of the Microsoft Internet Explorer for the best results and performance though.

A Varied Bouquet Of Plans and Services
Based on that browser software platform, the company offers a host of software focused on all the different aspects of managing an independent medical practice. Depending on the size of your practice and its unique requirements, you can choose separate plans available at different prices. For example, their Practice Management section includes services like scheduling, in-house and outsourced billing, reporting, and special suites for billing companies.

EMR/EHR sections contain e-prescribing, MACRA, customizable templates and much more, while Telemedicine, patient portals, and appointment reminders are just a few of the features available in the Patient Experience section. AdvancedMD offers different bundles, with an optimized mix of the services mentioned above, tailormade for different types and kinds of practices, and healthcare-oriented businesses.

Flexibility and Scalability
One of the major advantages that have propelled cloud-based SAAS businesses in recent years is the way they synergize perfectly with the growth of their client businesses. And AdvancedMD is no different. The extremely simple and straightforward deployment process means that one your practice starts growing, you don’t need to make major changes to the base software or your IT infrastructure for the AdvancedMD system to keep pace.

For instance, if you open a new clinic in another location, all you need to do is pay for the extra subscriptions, and install the browser-based client in computer systems on your new premises. Connectivity and scalability are handled by the service provider, leaving you free to focus on your practice instead. The system seamlessly connects to your new clinic locations, allowing data management and access across your organization with speed and ease. The main thing you need to keep an eye on is the quality of internet connectivity.

Streamlined Subscription and Deployment Process
Unlike many other vendors, AdvancedMD has a very streamlined and straightforward service setup process. Once you order a system, the process of configuring the service to suit your requirements is highly streamlined. And after the completion of the final service order, deployment can happen in a matter of days. You get a system with all the providers, preconfigured defaults, Claims registration assistance, patient data imports, master lists of carriers, and CPT/ICD.9 codes.

During the deployment and implementation phase, the AdvancedMD software has Guided Setup Wizards to make the process as painless as possible. Evry major task, like appointments, setup, end of the day, and claims handling comes with their specific wizards. And for staff familiarization, you can use the handy remote conferencing feature. If you have a larger staff, you can train them in batches using this system.

Advanced Data Security, Access Controls, And Backups
More than in any other service sector, client data privacy is sacrosanct in the healthcare industry. And AdvancedMD software seems to be completely cognizant of this fact. As it is a cloud-based service, the data security is the responsibility of the service provider. The company handles everything, including encryption, security, and backup.

The system had HIPAA compliance, and these compliant measures and integrated seamlessly into their EHR and PM systems. Their security policies and procedures for data safety is approved by the NSA. All client data is stored on-site at their secure data centers, boasting of eight secure levels. These include biometrics, firewall protection, 24-hour monitoring, physical reinforced protection for the servers, patrolling guards, and even bulletproof glass.

Electronic data transfer is secured by SSL 128-bit encryptions, which offer the same level of protection given to financial transactions in banks. Continuous data back-ups are carried out by the system at an hourly rate, which ensures maximum safety and security for your patient records and other information in the event of any eventuality. This is part of a 3-level backup system that also includes nightly backups with secure storage of multiple copies.

Advanced user access controls ensure that access to sensitive patient data is restricted to personnel with administrative rights. The system also includes automatic logout feature to ensure that attempts at unauthorized entry into the system are prevented.

Simple & intuitive Layout
With consistent layouts across the system, gaining quick access to all kinds of information is extremely easy and intuitive. Along with the default tabs at the bottom, you can also create custom tabs. When handling a new patient, you can easily view scanned documents directly on the screen. So even if documents like insurance cards or lab reports were scanned elsewhere, they could be viewed in the patient records system. The system also has a lot of other useful features like referral tracking, appointment tracking, memos and alerts, and forms and letter templates.

The Practice Management System
This is one of the core suites that make up AdvancedMD. It includes every conceivable service that a medical clinic or practice will need for its day to day operations. The system can manage everything from scheduling patient visits to individual check in and check outs, verification of patient details including carrier eligibility and insurance, as well as the claims management and collections.

Advanced Scheduling system takes care of steps like insurance eligibility verification on the spot and on-demand. Handy and informative scheduling snapshots allow you to plan for each day with ease. Appointment adjustment, waitlisting, and patient reminders and alerts improve the overall efficiency of your administrative processes.

The Medical Billing system also has a bevy of advanced features and add-ons. The system has a centralized claims management center to handle everything from charge capture to reimbursements. Advanced reporting tools allow you to get a grasp of how well your business is performing. With features like scheduling software, billing clearinghouse, auto-payment processing, and centralized billing, the system can improve overall productivity and efficiency.

Advanced Insights and Advanced Benchmarking are specialized software solutions that provide more in-depth insights, analytics, and intelligence regarding the common problems that plague private practices. Since AdvancedMD handles thousands of private practices as clients, they have unique business insights to help you predict future problems and roadblocks and nip them in the bud. And in the age of digital revolution, depending on paper is not a sound business move. AdvancedFax is a system that saves you time and money by automating document faxing. You get secure e-signing, for all your referrals, prescriptions and more. All documents can be sent in a moment with just a click, in a system that uses no specialized equipment at all.

The EHR System
This system has a highly optimized data management, with a focus on fast access to and recovery of patient information and health records. Documenting patient details is exceptionally flexible and easy. The system also allows quick and secure electronic prescriptions. In cases where your practice has to coordinate with other caregivers and institutions regarding medical histories, referrals, lab reports, and summaries, everything is taken care of electronically. This can considerably speed up the process of providing detailed and informed care to your patients.

E-prescriptions allow you to take everything related to providing and keeping track of prescriptions online. You get advanced mobile access, so you can manage any prescription requests when you are out of the office as well. The interface for reviewing prescriptions makes it easier to get the job done, and fast. When dealing with controlled substances, EPCS system makes it easy to coordinate with pharmacies to keep track of such medication. It uses 2-factor authentication, and secure validation, all of which can be handled with just a click on your end.

The MobileDoc app is one of the highlights of the AdvancedMD package. And iOS ready app, this software works on any Apple device. It can access every piece of relevant data you have in your practice’s AdvanceedMD software suite. You have access to appointments, patient tracking, staff messaging, e-prescriptions, and even charge capture which allows you to claim charges while on the go.

The entire EHR system is entirely compliant with the requirements and stipulations of all Medicare-related laws, including the MACRA, or Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015. This ensures that you are completely compliant with all the relevant aspects of Medicare payments for your patients.

Reporting and complying with state immunization agencies is also a breeze with the AdvancedMD EHR suite. The whole process can be completed with a click, and the data is directly sent to your state’s immunization reporting agency.

The Patient Experience Section
This is one of the unique features of the AdvancedMD system. Not only do they focus on improving your back office functionality, but the system also takes better care of your patients. It has several features to improve the overall interactive experience that patients get when they deal with your practice.

Patient Kiosks allow them to use iPads at your office to complete forms and even sign them. This also includes consent forms, which can even be signed online before they arrive for the appointments. The patient kiosk is synced with an admin kiosk, which enables your staff to handle all relevant documents and information from the patients quickly.

The software also takes care of all reminders that have to be forwarded to your patients. And not only that, but they can also use the system to contact you and either confirm or cancel appointments. When receiving messages from your practice, patients have the freedom to set their prefernces regarding alerts and choose between email and text messages.

Patient engagement can also be improved, thanks to the segmentation system that allows for more customized messages for each category of patients. They can also use the TeleMedicine system to engage with the doctors using virtual teleconferencing. An online portal allows the patients to schedule all appointments, including teleconferencing. Scheduling and controlling these conferences is as easy as performing a mouse click.

Regarding the sheer scale of features and innovative PM solutions, AdvancedMD has few competitors. In the small clinic/practice segment, they are the true market leaders. With a simple and intuitive SAAS approach, they provide small but growing practices with much-needed flexibility and scalability. And with several features packed bouquets to choose from, their services also offer the maximum value for money spent.