DrChrono Software Review

One of the most popular and widely used management software used for medical practice today is DrChrono. In this article, we will explore what this software is, its features, some of its user reviews, its pricing details, and other relevant details. We hope that you can use this elaborate and comprehensive article to give you an enlightened and informed decision about the use of this software for your business or professional career. Let’s start.

What is DrChrono?

In layman’s terms, DrChrono is a management system or platform that can cater to all patients’ Electronic Health Records to enable healthcare companies to deliver better, efficient and effective data organization both for the patients and the healthcare professionals. This system could never fail to help professionals assess the health progress of the patients as well as other important variables needed for the patients’ recovery.

DrChrono has been active in the market since it was introduced last 2009 and ever since it was used in healthcare institutions, hundreds of professionals and managers would vouch for the software’s reliability regarding managing patients’ data and physicians’ procedurals, especially in the hospitals in the United States. With DrChrono’s wide and easily scalable programs, techniques and intuitive solutions, it has already gained the trust of many medical companies in various states.

One of the good things that professionals love about DrChrono is the fact that it is able to offer flexible management and time-efficient tracking solutions for patients and the hospital staff. With this combined set of features, it’s not hard to see why many healthcare practitioners say that DrChrono is a multipurpose software package that can address almost all of a hospital’s data management concerns.

The fact that the data in DrChrono’s system is in sync with cloud-based technology also makes it an ideal solution for people who want to access patients’ records from remote areas. There’s no additional requirement or installation of expensive servers for this feature to get deployed in workplaces. All the hospital needs to do is enroll in the subscription offer from DrChrono, and cloud system is now fully integrated into the wonderful features and benefits of the software.

Benefits of DrChrono

One of the major benefits that hospitals, healthcare practitioners, and staff can take advantage of from using DrChrono comes from the software’s Practice Management Features. DrChrono’s ability to seamlessly manage all practice operations as well as its patient engagement and scheduling all in one synchronized cloud-based platform is highly praised.

With DrChrono’s scheduling features, professionals may be able to schedule activities using the software’s practice calendars. With DrChrono, they can also send and receive automated messages via text or email about the patients’ checkups, follow up appointments and reminders.

It also helps that there’s now an available patient portal for doctors in the software, so they can access records even if they’re not at their clinic. Doctors can also verify important patient information just by using the internet. Also, the patients can also get complete access to their respective EHR, which makes them double-check and assess their medical progress and history. Truly, what DrChrono offers for both patients and doctors are innovative and almost revolutionary solutions.

Another benefit of the use of DrChrono for hospital operations is the improved Electronic Health Record Interface of the software. This updated version is now able to maintain the delicate balance between what the users see on the screen of their computers while using it, and the intuitiveness of the software.

Some alternative management software won’t be able to engage the users that well because of the difficulty of the screen display. With DrChrono’s customizable templates and easy-to-use interface, training for the hospital staff in how to use the program may not be even necessary.

DrChrono’s Major Features

Aside from the templates that its users can change for better engagement, some of the big features of DrChrono include speech-to-text input, drawing tools, and a health data system that can record even the baseline stats of patients. The finance departments of companies could also get a complete set of useful tools from DrChrono, and these include preset billing system and electronically processed health records. DrChrono’s easy-to-use database can also benefit the insurance department of any company because of how simple and automated the database of DrChrono is.

Here are the other useful features that DrChrono has:

1. Autogenerated forms, which means that patients can easily input their data in a more organized way.

2. Auto Generation of Billing Statement, which means that hospitals can now better charge their patients with a more detailed breakdown of the fees.

3. Direct Messaging system, which means that patients and hospital staff can directly message the physicians for any emergency and updates.

4. Electronic Remittance, which means that the hospital can offer advice to patients remotely.

5. Chart Tools and Analysis of ROI are also made available in DrChrono

6. Profitability Analysis is also made easier with DrChrono

7. Management Software for Reimbursement

8. The content of patient data is easily customizable.

9. Analytics for any type of reporting is also integrated into DrChrono’s system.

10. Usage that’s based on the specific roles of the user is easily customized.

Pricing Plans

Right now, DrChrono is offering at least three SMB and enterprise-scale pricing packages for different types of users. Here’s the breakdown of the price range and packages that you can choose from today:

EHR with Practice Management Package- $199/month for each user, which include:

Functionalities for clinical tasks
Scheduling Tools
Free Tools for drawing tasks

Advanced EHR with Practice Managment Package- $279/month for each user, which include:

Scheduling advanced tasks
Eligibility and Insurance Tools
Integrations for Labs Tasks
E-prescribe tools
Streamlining Workflow Tools

EHR with Practice Management and Medical Billing Package- $499/month for each user, which include:

All the EHR and Practice Management Toolset Suite for Billing

EHR with Practice Management and Revenue Management ToolsThe price for this package would depend on a specific quote. Contact DrChrono for quote. This package includes:

Medical Billing Tools Assistance and Consult for any expert advice from DrChrono’s technical experts.

Customer Reviews

Before one makes a decision to buy into a particular Medical Practice Software used for management, it’s important to not only consider first how the experts assessed the products but also to learn how the actual users and real people working in the hospitals are satisfied, dissatisfied or affected by the product. To address this concern, DrChrono decided to make what is called a Customer Satisfaction Algorithm, which they trademarked for copyright purposes. This algorithm gathers all the user’s comments, customer reviews, analysis, feedback and criticisms after using the software. The algorithm will encompass the entire social media landscape to provide a more accurate assessment of the software. All these data will be organized in one easy-to-digest data sheet that will show how many people had negative or positive experience with DrChrono. It is with this information that people can arrive at a more enlighted and informed decision about DrChrono that they will never regret later on.

That said, some of the users who were able to use DrChrono also claimed that the product deserves 5-stars in its overall rating, with Ease of Use, Customer Support and Features and Functionality, also ranked as five stars. One of the customers who gave this straight 5 Stars Rating is Scott Trimas, who is a physician at Beaches Facial Plastic, who was able to use the software for less than six months. To verify this information, please contact Beaches Facial Plastic. Also, Scott praised the calendar and billing features of DrChrono, saying that it’s an excellent system to use to correctly deliver Facial Plastic services.

In contrast, one disadvantage that Dr. Scott highlighted in his analysis is the fact that the webinars in the software are not easy to follow. It’s also not always clear in the uploaded tutorials the right steps to create templates or macros.

Jennifer George of ARNP, whose background is in OBI BioAesthetic Institute and who has used the software for less than six months, gave the software an overall score of 4/5. She gave four stars for its Ease of Use, four stars for Customer Support, four stars for Functionality and Features, and four stars for Value for Money.

In her comments, she mentioned that the sales associate responsible for her purchase had gone out of his way to answer all the questions she needed. He was not only very spot on in detailing the features of the software, but he was also able to accurately describe all the complete information about the system. The way the implementation manager of the software responded to her concerns was also praiseworthy. The manager was both patient and diligent, but precise and responsive in the way she deployed the modules. It was clear that her goal to implement effortlessly DrChrono in the clinic was a complete success. It’s not every day that customers can get that kind and level of support from a product manager.

The fact that the software is an Apple Enterprise Official Partner was also one of the many comments and compliments about DrChrono. With such stamp of quality, it’s not hard to trust DrChrono to deliver a user-friendly service for their customers.

Many customers also praised DrChrono for its competitive pricing that could easily compete with the price range offered by its competitors. The customers also considered it a positive thing for DrChrono to be able to offer its services in a cloud-based EHR system without an additional server cost.

However, there are many users who also called out DrChrono for the difficulty of customizing the templates available for the users. In fact, some users mentioned that creating the personalized templates is too time-consuming to make it worthwhile to change them completely. Good thing, though, that the implementation process itself is relatively quick and the IT Support from DrChrono is always available for email or chat.

Another positive review that DrChrono got from its users has something to do with how responsive their IT personnel is. Users said that the IT personnel of DrChrono is able to respond directly and quickly to the customer’s complaint that it sometimes is already unnecessary to put the call on hold. It’s always a problem to ever be put on hold, and DrChrono’s ability to address this is indeed a plus.

One disadvantage that users mentioned about DrChrono, though, is that its office hours is West Coast, and the customers’ working hours is usually East Coast time. It’s not a big inconvenience, but it’s still a valid issue.

Executive Assistant for Thrive Neuro Health Janet Early is one customer of DrChrono who also has a lot to say about the delivery of the software. First, she said that after using the software for 6-12 months, it was reasonable to give the software an overall score of 4/5.

She gave five stars for the software’s Ease of Use, though, while giving its Features and Functionality 3/5 stars. The customer support section is worth 5/5 stars for her. In her comments, she mentioned that it was a relief that DrChrono turned out to be actually easy to use and efficient and valuable for their company. Her company is not usually open to new developments in data management, but DrChrono seems to have proven them wrong. It was also a bonus feature for her that DrChrono is able to flexibly accommodate all her questions, concerns and problems in the entire process of deploying the software.

In her PROs list, she mentioned that the software’s web-based customer support is one of the fantastic features that she’d experienced from service providers. She also praised how DrChrono changed some of their automated form-building features, which gives her more time to do other tasks in her work. A disadvantage that she listed in her CONs is the fact that there are new limitations right now of how to use the form-building feature, especially in how the use of the “him/her” pronouns are integrated into the software.

Stan Gillett, a chiropractor at Complete Health Chiropractic, is also another customer of DrChrono, who has been using the software for at least six months now. In his assessment, he gave the DrChrono an overall score of 5/5, which means his opinion about the software’s Customer Support, Ease of Use, Features and Functionality and Value for Money are all 5-stars.

In his comments, he highlighted how much he’d really liked how easy to use the software is. He also liked the fact that an extensive and excellent training for the software was given to him. He mentioned in his list of CONs the fact that there are still needed changes for the software to be able to be used on tablets and iPad screens.


As a form of conclusion, it would be accurate to say here that DrChrono serves to be one of the widely used, reliable and efficient data management software utilized by healthcare practitioners. In this article, you learned some of the great features, benefits and user reviews that can help you or any company decide whether or not DrChrono should be a necessary purchase and investment.