Kidney Donor Risk Index Calculator


The Kidney Donor Risk Index (KDRI) Calculator is a critical tool used primarily in the field of transplantation to assess the risk associated with kidney donors. This calculator provides a numerical score that predicts graft survival from deceased donor kidneys. It is especially valuable for transplant surgeons and nephrologists in making informed decisions about the suitability of a donor kidney for transplantation, thereby improving transplant outcomes and optimizing recipient health.

The KDRI incorporates several donor characteristics to compute a risk score. These characteristics typically include donor age, height, weight, cause of death, history of hypertension, history of diabetes, serum creatinine, Hepatitis C virus status, and whether the donation is after cardiac death. Each of these factors contributes to the overall risk associated with the donor kidney, reflecting how well the kidney will function after transplantation.

Interpreting the results from the KDRI involves understanding the calculated risk:

  • Lower KDRI scores indicate a lower risk associated with the donor kidney, suggesting that the kidney is likely to function better and longer after transplantation. These kidneys are usually preferred for transplantation as they are expected to offer the best outcomes.
  • Higher KDRI scores represent a higher risk, indicating that the kidney may not function as well or for as long after transplantation. Such kidneys might still be used, especially in situations where the recipient’s immediate need outweighs the potential long-term benefits, or where there are no lower-risk kidneys available.

The KDRI Calculator helps to stratify donor kidneys based on the projected risk of graft failure. This stratification assists transplant teams in making more nuanced decisions about which kidneys to accept and allocate to recipients, considering both the quality of the available organs and the urgency of the recipient’s need. Regular use of the KDRI in clinical practice helps to enhance the overall success rates of kidney transplants and supports better management of the waiting list for kidney transplants.

Kidney Donor Risk Index (KDRI) Calculator