MediTouch Review

MediTouch is one of the top Electronic Health Records or Electronic Medical Record platforms today (EHR). An EHR is simply the database of all the medical records of patients translated into digital form. The digital version of patient’s medical records will help both the health practitioners and patients get the best information, diagnoses and hospital care that they deserve.

EHR has existed for over 30 years now, and it remains to be a powerful and useful too to address the needs of the patients and the methods necessary for doctors to perform their job well. MediTouch is a good example of a reliable EHR/EMR today, and its features, customer feedback, and other pertinent information will be discussed here. In this article, Meditouch will be reviewed and assessed if it’s the right product for you, your company or your client’s. Let’s start.

MediTouch’s Value Without Compromise

MediTouch offers the most comfortable, affordable and impressively flexible solution to the problems in healthcare. With Meditouch’s valuable, modern and efficient cloud technology, doctors and hospital professionals and managers will get the best EHR platform that helps them serve the needs of patients without compromising the company’s overhead budget.

In fact, in a study conducted last December 2012, it was revealed that Meditouch’s health care programs have the most competent pricing, considering the cost and prices of other platforms in their ASP EHR, Practice Management Patient Portal and Set-up/Training. if you find this hard to believe, you may simply want to go to the official website of Meditech to download the Price Comparison Spreadsheet they prepared to make sure that you realize how much money you’re saving when you acquire Meditech. With Meditech’s Vendor Comparison Data from the Medical Economics who compared price rates among top EHRs today.

Features of Meditouch

It’s also good to know that Meditouch is a platform that has an integrated solution that is well in sync with all the developments available in cloud technology. The compliance of MediTouch with the various government programs that offer incentives to healthcare solutions also makes it one of the best service providers today.

There’s also an early adoption of programs and incentive standards in MediTouch that make the company ideal to build partnerships with. It’s also safe to say that MediTouch is now one of the most established businesses today that offer a successful and reliable financial model for hospitals. It may even be necessary to mention here that MediTouch was one of the pioneering EHR providers in the market ever since they launched their products last 2014.

It received the 2014 Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certification and the ICD-10 Approval ever since 2013. Despite the challenges of addressing the government compliance standards necessary to operate, it still was able to meet all the requirements necessary to run smoothly. EHR vendors that are not able to offer the compliance requests by the government lack the technical support, expertise and IT developments to keep up with the competition in health IT.

A Series of NOs

It’s also useful information for you as a buyer of EHR platforms to know that MediTouch right now maintains its quality services without upgrade fees. You won’t even be getting any fees for expensive servers. You won’t be paying for training fees either. You also won’t need to worry about paying for support fees and long-term contract agreements because MediTouch has none of those. All the services that MediTouch has, including its quality cloud-based solutions,  will be made available just by enrolling into MediTouch’s subscription program. By enrolling into Meditech’s offering, you may now enjoy an EHR that’s completely integrated with Patient Portal, Clearinghouse and Practice Management features.

iPad Integration

It’s also another neat feature of MediTouch to be fully integrated with all the modern iPad features today. This wasn’t hard to integrate because MediTouch was conceptualized with mobile technology in mind. MediTouch was actually optimized to address the modern changes in mobile tech. Its platform is made to make sure that the intuitive interface of iPads, tablets, and smartphones are thoroughly discussed.

With MediTouch’s new mobile tech, you may now be able to complete even a complicated SOAP note right from the start until you finish all using your iPad or iPad Mini. No more bulky laptops. You don’t need even desktops anymore because, with the use of a lightweight iPad, you can now perform all EHR tasks, including charting your patient records anywhere you are simply by connecting online. Wherever you are, you can access your patients’ data without the need for energy-consuming gadgets that will lag you behind.

You should also understand that MediTouch is completely integrated with the Apple Experience, so the fingertip interaction you get with your iPad will be easy to understand. You don’t need any complicated manuals to teach you how to do it. All you need to do is follow the intuitive interface that Apple has designed. Meditouch’s integration with Apple is so precise that you can even use Apple speech as a good and quick alternative or substitute for expensive transcriptions platforms and services from third parties.

But, just because it’s integrated into Apple, it doesn’t mean that you may not be able to use other tablets and mobile gadgets for Meditouch. You should know that MediTouch works on all platforms, including desktops, laptops, and mobile phones. Whether it’s touch, type or talk, MediTouch is available for you. No matter what your input device is, MediTouch is flexible because it’s optimized for fingertip data input and touch-based engagement.

Customizable Templates

If you’re wondering how and where the products and features of Meditouch would affect the healthcare industry, then you should know that MediTouch offers customizable templates in the following healthcare sectors:

Cardiology Allergy and Immunology Endocrinology Gastroenterology Family Practice Geriatric Medicine General Practice Internal Medicine Infectious Disease Neurology Nephrology Obstetrics/GynecologyOsteopathic Medicine Orthopedics Pediatrics Podiatry (Ankle and Foot Specialist, DPM) Physical Medicine and Rehab Rheumatology Pulmonology Surgery Sports Medicine Urology

The data for these areas would be easier to manage if the healthcare practitioners would make most of the EHR benefits from MediTouch. Some of the wonderful EHR features of MediTouch include free tech support for doctors and nurses, so they have immediate access to technical assistance when there are new updates to the software. The web-based EMR system ingrained in MediTouch also gives a structured Patient Portal for the doctors to have a wide array of ways to input data about patients.

They can have this without a need for expensive hardware or software upgrades. Some EHR will require doctors to go beyond the standard computer expertise and knowledge for business, but not MediTouch. MediTouch will make you use its wide features without the need for specialized knowledge. Should you find yourself having trouble with its interface, you can easily make use of its US-based Customer Service to assist you.

Its customizable templates also let you store ominous amounts of data and back them up using HIPAA compliant data centers, making MediTouch as the only vendor providing an integrated system of Practice Management software and a Medical Billing software optimized for tablet use. There’s also an ONC-ATCB Stimular package ready in MediTouch’s software, and this feature helps you practice your qualification exams for Meaningful Use tests.

The Pricing

The use of MediTouch is on a subscription basis, which is fixed in a pay per provider set-up. The training and other customer assistance that the buyer needs will already be covered by MediTouch, but some buyers of the software found that training is really unnecessary.


Meditouch’s quality service for its customers was rewarded by receiving the Surescripts White Coat of Quality award for the way it standardized is e-prescription module. This means that you can use MediTouch to address the Meaningful Use criteria that you need when you want to upgrade your skills.

Customer Feedback

There are many customer feedback with varied and contrasting opinions about MediTouch. Here are some of those:

1. A healthcare practitioner specializing in Podiatry mentioned that while the training for MediTouch is sufficient, there’s still a lot of questions that may only be answered three months after the training and that can only be answered with the help of a trainer.

2. A health officer specializing in Chiropractic and technology solutions also said that MediTouch adds efficiency to the EHR platform, giving the product 4 stars for Ease of Use, five stars for Functionality and five stars for quality. Some of the PROs he mentioned include Meditouch’s high-level functional templates that are filled with additional features without which he will probably find it hard to deliver high efficiency in his practice.

One issue that this customer raised is the issue of the disconnect between him and the customer support, but it may only have been caused by a company merger on behalf of MediTouch.

3. Another user named Peter J. Chung, M.D. said last September 2017 that in his company of more than five employees, MediTouch proves to be a wonderful and easy-to-use platform to analyze patient data. He even gave the software five stars for ease of use, five stars for functionality and five stars for Quality Support, while giving three stars to Customer Support. The challenge in the software right now is to be able to integrate a two-way lab ordering and report systems that obtain features from third-party lab facilities.

4.  Another customer from First Medcare Inc. also reviewed MediTouch and said that in their Community Health Center or FQHC that consists of around 200 employees, MediTouch is a product that helped them improve their performance without requiring a lot of effort and training from them. It may even be safe to say that the customer liked MediTouch so much, that it can be considered a turnkey and game-changing product today.

5. A customer named Craig also had both praise words and critical feedback about MediTouch. He stated that the customizable and versatile features and templates of MediTouch definitely work. Despite the fact that the software is a big and complex product, he was not able to find it hard to use on different subjects, which is so useful in making sure that all the patients’ data are right on place. However, he stated that MediTouch has to find ways to make its interface a little bit more intuitive for some users, especially in its e-prescribe feature.

6. A customer named Edwina from Integrative Solutions whose specialty is Physical Medicine and who is working in a hospital with ten employees said last June 2017 that MediTouch is an excellent tool to make doctors happy because of its electronic health records feature that makes it easy for them to access patient data anywhere. Edwina also mentioned that there should be new changes made on the administrative side of the software to make it more outstanding.

7. Taryn of Global Pain Management whose specialty is Pain Management and who is working on a structure of 50 employees said last June 2017 that MediTouch’s ease of use, functionality, and quality are definite 5-stars. Only the Support area deserves a 4-star. Some of the PROs of the software the user mentioned include the easy-to-navigate Meeting Training feature of the software and the various templates that the user can choose from.

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Truly, it’s not hard to say that MediTouch is one of the best and thriving EHR platforms today that can help both patients and doctors in making their work easier, fast and more reliable. With this article, you learned some of the reasonable, unbiased and detailed customer reviews made for MediTouch.

You also learned in this article some of the basic and advanced features of MediTouch that many people praised. In this article, you also learned the many areas of the healthcare industry that MediTouch can be used to deliver efficient quality service.