Navigating the My Bronson Chart Password Reset Process: An Exhaustive Guide


The My Bronson Chart, offered by Bronson Healthcare, is an indispensable tool for managing your healthcare and accessing your medical records online. Occasionally, you might misplace your password. This comprehensive guide is aimed at supporting you through the methodical steps of resetting your My Bronson Chart password, providing extensive detail and explanatory notes to make the process as seamless as possible.

Unfolding the My Bronson Chart System

The My Bronson Chart is a patient-centric digital portal by Bronson Healthcare. It has been designed to empower patients with the ability to access their health data, schedule appointments, connect directly with their healthcare team, request prescription refills, and view test results at their convenience. Given the critical nature of the information contained within this portal, it is paramount to ensure the security of your account, including maintaining and updating your password regularly.

The Need for Regular Password Updates

A cardinal rule in cybersecurity is the regular updating of your password. It’s suggested to change your password at least every three months. Regular password changes make it difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access to your account and protect your health records from potential cyber threats.

Preparing for Your Password Reset

Before initiating the password reset process, ensure you have access to the email address registered with your My Bronson Chart account. Bronson Health will be sending a password reset link or code to this email. If access to this email has been lost, contacting Bronson Health’s customer support will be the first necessary step to update your email information.

Locating the My Bronson Chart Website

The password reset process begins at the My Bronson Chart website. This can be accessed by entering “My Bronson Chart” into any internet search engine or directly via

Locating the “Forgot Password” Link

Once you have reached the My Bronson Chart website, locate the “Forgot Password” link. This is usually positioned on the login page, situated beneath the standard fields where you would enter your username and password. Click on this link to initiate the password reset process.

Providing Your My Bronson Chart Username

After clicking the “Forgot Password” link, a prompt will appear requesting your My Bronson Chart username. This is the same username you use during normal log-in procedures. Once you have entered your username, click “Submit” to continue.

Verification for Security Purposes

Bronson Health places a high emphasis on the security of its users, and for this reason, a verification process will follow. You will be asked to answer security questions that were initially set up when you created your account.

Email Verification

Upon successful identity verification, an email will be sent to your registered email address. This email contains a password reset link or code. It is important to check both your inbox and spam or junk folders, as emails from organizations sometimes get filtered there.

Clicking the Password Reset Link

Upon receipt of the email from Bronson Health, you will need to click on the password reset link provided. This will direct you to a secure page on the My Bronson Chart website, where you will be able to input a new password.

Understanding the Password Requirements

Bronson Health has specific security requirements for your new password. These generally require a mix of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters, with a minimum length typically around eight characters. Creating a strong, memorable password is key to maintaining the security of your account.

Inputting Your New Password

On the password reset page, input your new password into the appropriate field. You will be asked to confirm this by entering it a second time, to ensure accuracy and avoid typographical errors.

Saving the New Password

After confirming that your new password meets all the requirements and has been correctly inputted, click the “Save” or “Reset Password” button. This will officially update your password in the Bronson Health system.

Receiving Confirmation of Password Change

After successfully resetting your password, you will receive a confirmation message on your screen, and potentially, a separate confirmation email. This step is to reassure you that the password change was successful and authenticated by you.

Logging In with the New Password

Now, with the password reset, you can log back into your My Bronson Chart account using the new password. Navigate to the login page, input your username and your new password, and click “Log In.”


If you encounter any difficulties during any stage of this process, look for prompts or help options on the screen. These often provide guidance through common issues. For example, if your new password isn’t being accepted, there may be a prompt reminding you of the specific password requirements.

Seeking Assistance

If you cannot reset your password or gain access to your account even after a password reset, reach out to Bronson Health’s customer support. They are equipped to help troubleshoot the issues you are experiencing.

Setting Up Password Recovery Options

After regaining access to your account, it would be a good idea to revisit and update your password recovery options. This typically includes setting up security questions and ensuring your email address for password reset is up to date.

Safeguarding Your Account

Remember to maintain the confidentiality of your new password. It should not be shared with anyone, and if you need to write it down, it should be stored in a secure location. Regularly updating your password also contributes to the security of your account.

Regularly Updating Your Password on My Bronson Chart

Future password updates can generally be accomplished from within your account settings. Regular updates help keep your account secure and can help you remember your password more easily.

Commanding Your Health Records

My Bronson Chart is a pivotal tool for managing your healthcare. By ensuring your ability to access your account whenever required, you are taking a significant step towards commanding your health records.

In our ever-evolving digital landscape, maintaining the security of personal information has become more critical than ever. This certainly includes the password for your My Bronson Chart account. While the process may initially seem complicated, this comprehensive guide seeks to ease the process, providing detailed steps for resetting your password. Remember, keeping a secure and frequently updated password plays a significant role in ensuring the security and privacy of your health records.