Nuemd Software Review

NueMD Software Review

NueMD is a software developed to help those in medical practice manage their administration and billing operations. The software is designed to offer first-time users an easy time. Put simply, NueMD is a cloud-based platform geared towards reducing the complexities that come with medical billing. It also makes it easy to manage back-end administrative operations such as scheduling of patients, processing claims, keeping electronic health records, and generally offering features needed for the day-to-day running of a clinic.

While there are a horde of medical billing software on the market, NueMD offers an exceptionally simple interface coupled with budget plans to distinguish itself from the competitors. When your business is using NueMD, you do not need to invest in servers or expensive hardware. This means that you save resources, which go into patient care and business expansion. To assist providers and managers, the software features solution reporting tools. This allows the providers to have a wide view of their practices with an integrated medical billing system that handles insurance contracts and it also manages all issues as they arise.

What is NueMD?

NueMD is a medical billing and management system that operates online. The cloud-based system was designed to make it simple for providers and practice managers to run office with ease by managing every aspect of the business. By integrating NueMD into an office, managers are able to take control their practice including billing and patient scheduling. You can run reports based on real-time financials and other aspects of the business.

Because the software is cloud based, the system is accessible from any device as long as it has internet connectivity. You can also access it any time. In real-time, electronic health records are continuously updated based on the prevailing coding standards. Healthcare providers have the option of updating health records as they attend to patients. This can easily be done on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Besides keeping health records, NueMD offers patient portals, e-Labs and e-Prescribing features. It also has charge capture forms, on-demand claims reports, and custom reports. In a nutshell, NueMD software is a single integrated platform that helps run practices with ease. It covers all aspects of a practice, allowing decentralized record keeping and management.

Who Can Use NueMD?

NueMD was designed for beginners as well as advanced users. It has a simple interface with well laid menus, allowing you to start immediately. The software covers medical and healthcare industry from small clinics to mid-size practices. It performs smoothly as long as there is internet connection.

It was designed for student health officers, providers, and office managers. The managers will have a 360-degree view of all the operations in a business while providers and student health officers will enter schedules, patient reports, and billing information.

All practices that can meet shoulder the monthly standard package price of $149 can have this software. Some of the customers for this system include medical billing companies, medical practices, third party billers, and student health centers.

NueMD Features

Practice Management

According to the developers, by using NueMD management tools, practices are able to see up to four additional patients each month while working about 23 minutes less each day. Granted, it increases the efficiency of a practice. It streamlines practice management by generating accurate claims, reimbursement forms, and reports automatically for providers and staff members. This reduces the time that would be spent producing these forms and reports.

By introducing this software in to a practice’s workflow, managers are able to reduce instances of no-show patients. The management interface includes features such as medical billing, which automatically scrubs claims against millions of claim edits and practice scheduling. The management interface is developed robust to handle multi-specialty and multi-physician practices, making it ideal for large healthcare centers. The management module of the software also features patient registration features, patient statement, reimbursement management, collections, and reports.

Keep and Access Electronic Health Records, EHR, Anytime, Anywhere

NueMD offers customized services for more than 100 medical specialties. Physicians in different departments can enter their records and all this managed in one central location. Practices receiving hundreds of patients each day can customize their system to the existing workflow and use new patient encounter templates provided by NueMD.

The record keeping module lets you create clinical charts and capture charges all the while starting claims from the same module. Providers are able to generate prescriptions for their patients based on the charts. The prescriptions can also have a list of preferred medications and preferred local pharmacies.

Patients can create simple portals that allow them to have more control over their records. With these portal, patients can choose when to schedule their doctor appointments, and review the practice’s educational healthcare materials to be more informed.

Medical Billing Module

Originally, NueMD was developed as a medical billing system with less additional features. With time, the software has upgraded to offer more than 20 features for small and mid-size practices. The software was developed with the knowledge that complex billing services are the easiest way for practices to fall. NueMD offers a streamlined and straightforward solution to practice billing. By integrating NueMD’s medical billing and EHR into a practice, the developers promise at least 5 percent increase in revenue for the first 2 months of use.

While using this software, the best way is to recoup outstanding claims immediately after integration. The software gives you real-time access to patient’s account information, allowing you to generate reports with ease. Private medical practices and student health centers are able to process more payments and verify the accuracy of claims before filing thanks to the up-to-date contract negotiation and credentialing features that come with NueMD billing module. The module is easy to use and anyone in the practice will have an easy time with it.

Access Everything on Mobile

NueMD is making it easy for medical providers to manage practices in and out of office. The cloud-based software was developed for mobile. You can access it from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and smartphones. On mobile, you can see patient charts and clinic schedules. The mobile platform also allows you to update billing profile, record patients’ diagnosis, and much more.

If you are a physician working in multiple locations, the mobile features are well suited for you. If you frequently make round at hospitals, the mobile platform is a great one for you too. Once you make changes to the patient charts on mobile, the data is transmitted and stored in the system the moment you hit ‘save’. The storage of date is HIPAA compliant.


Once you have introduced NueMD into a practice, it swiftly integrates with EHR and lab companies. Practice Fusion stands as the EHR partner for NueMD. The company has also enhanced partnerships with technology companies to widen its use. Some of the companies including Microsoft, Ambir Technology, and Emdeon among others.

NueMD Pricing

NueMD has three pricing plans for you to choose from. But, it also has a variety of custom plans for large practices to enhance the delivery of medical billing services. The standard solution costs $149 per month. With this package, you get features such as:

• Patient records
• Eligibility verification
• Tickets
• Scheduling
• Batch claims
• Paper/Electronic Claims
• Reports

This basic package is referred to as the practice solution. To most small and mid-level practices, the practice solution package is enough to meet all needs. However, larger practices might need a better package.

Total Solution

The total solution package is crafted for mid-size and large businesses. The package costs $199 per month. On top of the features on the standard package, it offers:

• Advanced Analysis
• All Practice Solution features
• Inventory Manager
• Electronic Chart Management
• Standard Collections

Ultimate Solution

True to its name, the ultimate solution is the best in-class package. It costs $249 per month and has all the great features for all levels of practices. It features:

• All features in the practice and total solution packages
• Capitation
• Premium collections

These prices are subject to review upwards or downwards. Medical billing and EHR records are available by quote.

NueMD Key Features

• Patient Scheduling – The provider or the patient can create schedules from their own portal. Schedules will be based on open slots that meet the schedule of patients.

• Appointment Reminder – The system places calls or sends texts to patients reminding them of their physician’s appointment ahead of time.

• Insurance Eligibility Verification – NueMD files for insurance and verifies patient details to process payment with ease.

• Patient Records – This can be done by the providers or the patients from their respective portals.

• Scan Insurance Cards and IDs.

• Track Patient Flow – NueMD software tracks patients’ arrival, time of checking-in, their doctor visit, and the time they depart from the practice. The information captured is used for the smooth management of the clinic and reduce no-show instances.

• Track Co-pays, appointment cancellations and patient no-shows for scheduling and budget purposes.

• NueMD Mobile – The mobile platform gives you as much features as the PC platform, giving you great convenience.

• Charge Capture – From the clinic charts you can capture charges and generate charge details.

• Electronic Chart Management – Physicians can add patient information in real-time and this makes it easier to manage patient charts.

• Medical Billing – Generate invoices and send them to patients. Track payment details and file claims.

• Claims Processing – Follow through claims with patients.

• Claim Scrubbing – Once a claim has been resolved, you can remove from the portal and mark it as cleared.

• Batch Claims Submission – This is the same as claims processing. You start claims and track the process.

• Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) – If patients pay electronically, the system makes it easy for you process these payments, ensuring no loss and no delays.

• Electronic Statements – After payments, you can produce statements that have been electronically generated for the business or for the patients.

• Explanation of Benefits (EOB) – Seeing that everything is done online, the patients can access educational beneficial information and the business can access its records for planning purposes.

• Collections Management – This financial officer will have it easy doing their analysis.

• Inventory Management – This lets the business identify loopholes in the way they are running and assess profits and loss.

• Reports and Analysis.

What Benefits Do You Get With NueMD?

NueMD comes as a comprehensive suite for all your practice running needs. It allows you to manage patients and also take care of administrative operations. You get to choose from appointment scheduling. Practice management and medical billing, and electronic health records among other benefits.

The software is popular as a billing system. It is designed with an easy to use interface that allows novices to get started with great ease. Its ease of use saves you time and while doing so, it earns you more money. Its full set of features lets you file claims and reimbursements properly and quickly. NueMD runs a claims clearing house, which takes care of more than 3.5 million claims each year. Practices can, therefore, process an unlimited number of claims each day.

With NueMD billing services, practices are offered the expertise of Certified Professional Coders with the transparency of continuous communication on the status of claims. Practices are able to recoup lost revenue and increase reimbursements up to 10 percent within the first 60 days of using NueMD. The software is thus ideal for practices that are struggling with finances.

The electronic health records offered by NueMD are ONC-ATCB certified. The records enhance a broad and deep functionality for the workflow of a clinic. Besides charting, EHR offers e-prescriptions, lab report tracking and secure management of fax.

One great benefit that practices get with NueMD is the mobile platform, which allows medical providers and managers to access financial data and patient records on-the-go. NueMD is a cost-effective solution. It is priced monthly. Once you have paid for the package, the software is available for an unlimited number of users. If you run a chain health facility, a single package will serve all the locations.

NueMD is known to offer great customer support with an instant messaging system where your issues are responded to within 30 seconds. You can also write to the developers on social media or email them. Either way, your concerns will be addressed within a short period.

Thanks to the comprehensive list of features and the smooth running of the software, NueMD has received praises from most of its users. Users claim that it is a single suite that offers all that they will ever need in a medical billing software. It is cloud based and, therefore, any entered information is safe. Even if the system crashes, which is so rare, all the stored data will still be accessed afterwards.

Bottom Line

NueMD is a great platform that you can access on your iPhone, Android device, or your computer. It is easy to use and on top of that, the company has a long list of FAQs, runs a knowledge base, and has a host of video tutorials to get you started. The program, which is available in English, is used by freelancers, large enterprises, small and mid-size businesses, and also non-profit organizations. Its host of features make it a great choice for anyone looking to streamline their practice operations.

Compared to other medical billing software on the market, NueMD is cost-effective, easy to use, and has a horde of extra features.